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    Welcome to the world of Ordrass, an ancient realm of natural wonders and terrors.  A thousand elder mysteries await those brave enough to follow the path of the hero.


The World

The Ardenian Calendar

    The Ardenian Calendar was developed from the system of days and months used in Gracia, but differs in several significant ways.  Because of a desire to separate themselves from their parent nation and the much different climate of their new land, Aletheia of Zealthios created this unique calendar which has been in use ever since.  The calendar is lunisolar.

AutumnWinter SpringSummer

    Each month of the Ardenian calendar is thirty days long.
    The Festival of Archosia is celebrated on a single day, seperate from any month.  This day falls between the end of Eudaia and the beginning of Even.  Archosia was once the national holiday of Imperial Ravenna, but is now regarded as a time to celebrate the solidarity between all the Free Peoples of Ordrass.








 A Brief Timeline 

-5000       Six Dwarven clans join together in founding Everhold

-4000       First Dwarf-Baruuk War begins

-3990       First Dwarf-Baruuk War ends

-1200       c.  Several primitive tribes of men emerge from the Eastern Vast.  These peoples would eventually                 form the nations of Mornaya, Serhat and Z’hadun

-574         The city of Venerata founded, marking the beginning of Gracia

-45:          Norrin Archos born somewhere in Gracia

-30:          Norrin joins the Imperial Gracian Army

-27:          Norrin becomes Imperial General Archos, Sword of Alcibades

1:             Norrin’s Landing (then called simply “The Landing”) founded by escaped Gracian slaves

2:             Longhouse at Norrin’s Landing completed

3:             Norrin meets the mage Athmonon of House Aristos

4:             Knights of Prometheus founded

6:             The elven people of Elvarra befriend the Knights of Prometheus

7:             Elves introduce humans to gnomes and halflings

12:           Everhold discovered by the Knights of Prometheus, beginning relations between men and dwarves

16:           Norrin marries Aletheia of Zealthios

17:           Norrin’s first son, Draeven, born        

18:           Norrin’s daughter, Azelthia, born
                Athmonon Aristos marries and sires a son, Monos Aristos

21:           Norrin’s younger son, Eudaius, born

36:           Death of Norrin Archos

                Aletheia Archos is recognized as Queen of the nation dubbed by her Arden

37:           Heroes’ Guild Founded: among first students are the two Archos boys
                University of Arts founded: among first students is Azelthia Archos

39:           Beginning of the First Great Baruuk War

41:           Eudaius Archos dies in combat with Raug, the Baruuk King

42:           Ascension of Norrin Archos, God of Heroes
                First Great Baruuk War ends

257:         After a twenty-year campaign, Jacob the Raven unites the Warring Kingdoms and founds Imperial                 Ravenna

427:         The Engineer’s Guild of Everhold perfects the steam pressure tank and engine system

454:         The Dragonrage begins

617:         The CURRENT YEAR




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