The Canticle of Ordrass

Into the Underway

The Journey Begins

   Only days after the Heroes' Feast, the party began the long trek to the dwarven capital at Everhold. 

   Their first stop is the location of the kobold lair, where the group had previously vanquished an entire clan of the humanoid troublemakers with the careful application of fire.  They had at that time been unable to open a set of valuable-looking metal boxes.  More luck was had this time around, and two of the boxes were opened, revealing a shirt of chainmail made from some unusual, dark metal and a great many silver coins.

   Unfortunately, the characters who had gone ahead to the treasure while the others waited by a swift-flowing underground river found themselves so enraptured by this windfall that they failed to notice the lair's new denizen until it was too late.  The carrion crawler who had for weeks fed upon the charred remains of the kobold clan surprised the contingent and nearly killed them all before help arrived.  The rest of the group had heard the echoing sounds of the combat and come to the rescue, barely defeating the ten foot long worm-like beast in time.

   After a rest, the party continued, managed to cross the broken bridge with some effort and continued for a time, passing a rift from which poured icy cold air, before finally settling into a way house to rest.  The way houses, small, walled enclosures built into the side of the Underway itself are rarely roofed as weather is little concern in the Gundarthain, or underworld. 

   Unfortunately, this resulted in a total lack of protection from the piercers that crashed from the Underway's high ceiling.  The strange underworld snails were unsuccesful in their attack, and found death rather than meat. 

   Later that same night, came the Baruuk.  No less than eight of the brutal humanoid beasts approached, but the wariness of the adventurers prevented their sneak attack.  Nonetheless, combat ensued, the Baruuk charging when they realized they'd been detected.  The fierce battle proved the value of Iorick Stonebrow's hard training and Orimir the Faithful's service to Helm, the Watching God.  The Baruuk were vanquished, slain almost to a man, and silence again settled on the party.



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