The Canticle of Ordrass

A Hero's Feast

And so it begins

    After their respite following the disovery of the necromancer's lair, the characters awake to begin another day.  Expecting more labor and duty, each is surprised to recieve a fromal invitation to dine with the town elder, Morgrym Alabaster

     The evening found them at the Alabaster clanhold in their best finery.  Lord Alabaster met with them in his audience chamber and informed them that one of the villagers, in fact, priest Orimir the Faithful's father, was prepared to make the journey to Everhold, where he intended to join the Guild of Chanters.  As the dwarf had been blinded in a recent accident, he would need a substantial guard.

    Morgrym suggested that Kendrick Teague, Opal Gemquest, Orimir the Faithful and Iorick Stonebrow be those guards.  He further informed them that he intended to prepare for them a letter of recomendation for the Heroes' Guild. 

    The lord of Underhome had seen their progress and judged their mettle.  While he fully expected some failures in their future, he held out hope that they would be a vital element in the war against the dragons and the return of the free peoples to the sunlit world.

    He then led them to his feasthall, where their families and the town elders waited.  A great cheer went up as the group entered, and a fine meal was shared to commemorate the beginning of their journey. 

    Within a few days, the group had gathered reinforcements and supplies and set out on their journey through the Underway. 


Agonyzer Agonyzer

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